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My name is Barbara Gill. I live on LaGrange Creek in Middlesex County, Virginia. This has not always been my home. I was raised in Greensboro North Carolina, the oldest of seven children. I attended Western Carolina University where I earned a B.S. and M.S. in Education. While teaching at Radford College I met my future husband Dan who was in graduate School at Virginia Tech (VPI). We were married in the chapel on the campus of VPI and moved to Danís family farm in Middlesex. We raised two girls who are now grown.

Wood has always been special to me. I have run a sawmill since 1985 and spent several years making furniture. My woodworking evolved over time into an interest in woodturning. I have had very little formal training in woodturning but have availed myself of the abundant resources available in books, on the Internet, and by sharing techniques with accomplished turners.

Wood is one of the most rewarding mediums available to an artist. Each piece has its own unique personality and beauty. Woodturning is a perfect way to display that uniqueness. Each time a log is opened whether by the blade of a sawmill or the tools of a turner it is like opening a surprise package. You never know for sure what is in there until it is exposed.

My finish of choice for my work is either Velvit Oil, natural or  Velvit AquaShield. AquaShield is a  a very thin water based urethane-acrylic which soaks into the wood. It dries water clear, retaining the natural color of the wood. Over the years I have developed some ways for turners to get the most out of these finishes.

Most of my pieces use classic forms without any non-turned embellishments. I am developing an interest in simple enhancements such as carving and pyrography. You might find these present on some of my future works.

If you are in the area, plan on stopping by Something Different Country Store and Deli for some of
the best food around. If I know you are coming I will meet you there. Be sure to follow the link so you know what we offer and when we are open.

I do sell my work and accept commissions. If you are interested, email me.




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